Marlon Red

17 february – 16 march, 2024
opening friday, 16 february, 2024, 19h

“…The trouble, then, with the art of Marlon Red is that it refrains from either pointing you where to start at and also from suggesting where you could possibly arrive with it. It is up to you to anchor her rectangular patterns to a forest you remember as a child, or the misty darkness of her most recent series of graphic works to a certain dream you once had. It is up to you to assign the ultimate signification of some paintings or installations as being about the beauty of abstract forms or maybe a disguised political manifesto on the liberation of the bodily self. Or even to reject these all. She will not approve or disprove of any of the ways you will approach her work. A language with neither a written vocabulary nor a set of semantic rules feels like a pure game, but then, a game can be the most serious of things Claude Debussy certainly thought so. By projecting it onto her own body and performing it, the game of abstraction as a form of translation of the indefinables comes to life, vibrant or eerie like an electronic soundscape or a piano rĂªverie. If writing about music is, proverbially, like dancing about architecture, then that’s exactly what Marlon Red, too, is doing…”
From a text of Alexandru Mircea, Sep. 2022

Marlon Red